Track-etched membrane producer
since 1975
We are the world's first producer of heavy-ion-accelerator-based nano- and microporous track-etched membranes. Based in Dubna, Russia, the
Center of Applied Physics
is a subdivision of the
Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions
of the
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
, which is world-famous for the synthesis of new chemical elements and the study of nuclear fission and exotic nuclei.
Track-etched Membranes
We produce a wide range of standard and customized track-etched membranes. The vertical integration of our facilities and the high quality of our personnel ensures high performance and fast execution times.
Irradiation Services
We provide heavy ion irradiation services at our accelerator facilities for various purposes, including, but not limited to testing of electronic components and obtaining irradiated polymeric films.
Research and Development
We are open to executing or joining R&D programs for the development of novel membranes with custom properties or products based on them using the advanced scientific resources of our dedicated laboratory.
Applications of the track-etched membranes
Infusion therapy
Cancer screening
Cell culture
Water treatment
Track-etched membranes are used in blood plasma filters designed for the separation of blood into plasma and blood cells in a procedure of therapeutic plasmapheresis as part of efferent therapy methods. Such plasma filters have proven themselves in practical healthcare for treatment of a wide range of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, nervous system, female reproductive system, respiratory system, dysfunction of the endocrine glands, kidneys and urinary organs and intoxication by alcohol, narcotic substances. Furthermore, these plasma filters are effectively used in emergency medicine due to the portability and possibility of non-apparatus procedure.